Dealing with Disc Pain in Novato, CA

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Find Relief from Disc and Spine Pain with Non-Surgical Treatment

If you’re dealing with recurring lower back pain or experiencing pain that radiates down your leg and into your foot, it may be a sign of a slipped disc, also known as a herniated disc. This condition can cause severe and debilitating pain.

Understanding Herniated Disc Pain

Slipped discs can be unpleasant, but in about 90% of cases, symptoms will improve within six weeks. However, if your disc pain persists for longer or keeps coming back over months or years, it may not resolve on its own. At that point, it’s worth considering alternative treatment options, such as gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression.

Causes and Types of Slipped Discs

The spine consists of a chain of bones called vertebrae, with soft spinal discs located between them. These discs have a tough outer layer and a gel-like center. When a disc slips, it bulges beyond the edges of the vertebrae above and below it. There are three types of slipped discs:

  • Prolapsed Disc: The disc bulges between the vertebrae, but the outer layer remains intact.
  • Extruding Disc: The outer layer tears, causing the disc tissue to leak out, but it remains connected to the disc.
  • Sequestration: The most severe type, where the disc tissue enters the spinal canal and detaches from the disc.

While all three types of herniated discs can be extremely painful, most people find relief through gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment.

Effective Treatment for Slipped Discs

If you’re experiencing recurrent disc pain and suspect a slipped disc, seeking treatment from our medical professionals is essential. Our team of expert spinal disc doctors can gently manipulate your spine to restore its normal state, alleviating the pressure caused by the slipped disc and providing instant relief from your back pain.

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