Workplace Injury Treatment in Novato, CA

Are You a Candidate For Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

You can find solace in knowing that you are not the only one experiencing discomfort due to a workplace injury. Workplace-related pain affects countless employees and results in employers losing billions of dollars each year through workmen’s compensation claims and decreased productivity.

It is unfortunate that some occupations require strenuous physical exertion that can take a toll on your back, shoulders, and neck. However, workers in various industries, including office workers, are also at risk for work-related pain. Even commonplace office tasks can lead to back pain and other similar issues.

Lost Work Days

Every year, back pain results in the loss of approximately 186 million work days that negatively impact productivity and labor costs.

Although back pain is the most prevalent work-related injury, there are other hazards including falls, repetitive motion injuries, and overexertion.

A workplace safety study conducted by Liberty Mutual insurance in 2012 revealed that the monetary cost of the most severe work-related injuries and illnesses totaled $51.1 billion annually in workmen’s compensation expenses, which roughly equates to almost $1 billion per week.

Contributing Factors

In another study, the Mayo Clinic took a look at the most common factors that contributed to workplace pain:

  • Force – Lifting and moving heavy objects can exert too much force on your back, resulting in injury.
  • Repetition – When you repeat certain movements over and over again, it can easily lead to muscle fatigue and injury. This is especially true if you are stretching to the limit of your range of motion or utilizing an awkward body position.
  • Posture – Muscle fatigue and injury also can be caused by slouching, which exaggerates your back’s natural curves.
  • Stress – Pressure at work can increase your anxiety. This has been directly linked to muscle tension and tightness, which can then cause back pain or make back injuries even worse.

Side Effects of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries like lower back pain can have far-reaching effects on your personal life. Despite the pain, many people return to work to avoid jeopardizing their careers or jobs by reporting their injury.

Others worry that the injury will hinder their ability to keep their job. Those who try to treat their injuries on their own and manage flare-ups may end up sacrificing time and energy that they could have used for family and social life.

Gentle, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment and Workplace Injuries

Suffering from workplace pain is unacceptable. Explore the possibility of non-invasive spinal decompression treatment as an option if you’ve experienced a workplace injury. Our expert spinal disc doctors use gentle techniques to help alleviate pain and promote healing. Our team’s goal is for you to return to your normal state as soon as possible.

Get in touch with us for a consultation if you or someone you know is struggling with workplace injury pain. Our medical professionals can guide you on whether non-surgical spinal decompression is suitable for your condition.

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